A brand recharge is all about performance.
Successful companies sometimes outgrow their brand and come to us to add more horsepower.

Telecom Brokerage, Inc: Recharges their business

We began by working with TBI’s senior leadership team—listening, questioning and learning about their challanges and objectives



When Telecom Brokerage, Inc came to us, their leadership team knew they needed a rebrand, but when a company is doing well and the leader in their business catagory, it’s difficult to mess with success. Our brand recharge process was a collaboration that helped TBI envision an even brighter future.

A new name wasn’t a forgone conclusion

We needed to discuss their name. The Telecom moniker had run its course. We simply helped TBI discover the name their customers preferred 


The website is the flagship application of all B2B brands, so an intutive, smartly designed, responsive website was a must for TBI. Website development is in our DNA. That means we can move your website forward on a parallel path with the brand design and quickly get you on the road to success.


TBI’s brand toolkit includes a series of custom color coded icons, designed to help their customers connect to the right technology services solution.

A custom color palette is the foundation of the TBI brand toolkit. It’s organized to visually convey the balance of color usage required to stay on brand.

We love branding, there’s nothing in the field of creative communications that can have a greater impact on a clients success. An outside perspective is a powerful additive to your leadership team that will help call out the elephant in the room and invite him to be your ally. It worked out very well for TBI.


Tire stack with logoIf you’re looking to refresh, recharge or reignite your brand, it’s time to give us a call, come on in, kick the tires and let us show you how we can jump-start your brand.